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Who are we … ?



We came from a far away planet that was doomed. We were shoved into a small spacecraft and crashed landed on your planet back in 1938.

We are an orphan who trains himself to fight crime because criminals are a cowardly lot.

We are an Amazon who left her island to explore the world of man and fight injustice.

We also was a frustrated farmer orphan boy on a desert world looking to the horizon dreaming of something bigger.

We are a princess who had plans to a horrible weapon that needed to get them to the rebel alliance.

We also were part of a five year mission to explore the unknown and to go boldly go were no one has gone before.

We also were a run-a-way time traveler exploring time and the never ending galaxy in a blue police box.

We are from Moonbase Alpha and some day we will see Earth again.

We are also a hobbit who just wanted second breakfast and have nothing of adventure.

We are also a wizard who went against Lord Voldemort.

We are the ones who hope for triple sixes and always roll three ones.

We touch the Monolith on the moon and look to the stars.

We ask a computer if we want to play a game.

Mario, Luigi, Link, and Princess Zelda are our oldest friends.

Thanks for all the fish.

So say we all.

We are you.

Welcome home.


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