detailed barracuda


by Wilson

Being a Chicagoan, which encompasses anybody living within 50 miles of the Sears Tower, I easily can go on the odyssey of C2E2. It is a convention that you have to experience to really understand.  Unlike most con’s, it doesn’t focus on one aspect of the numerous ways we humans seek to entertain ourselves.  In fact, one may argue that most comic con’s have lost the point of being a comic con since movies and television have been so featured heavily.    C2E2 in turn is a comic and entertainment convention with everything from celebrities to tattooing. It is a geeks’ wet dream put on by Reed Pop with cosplay, games, books, and well, you’re online, do a web search to see all they offer.  I’ve accompanied my favorite geeks there and with the exception of this year’s C2E2, I have found I’ve wanted the con to last longer.

Sorry Reed Pop, but last year, you didn’t bring your best game.

One thing that Reed Pop has done every well in the convention business is taking care of their handicap/special medical need guests. I wish more conventions understood how even a little bit of help can go a long way to giving all of the people attending a great time.  Having a bum leg, I walk at times with a cane, and walking all day is torture so I rent a scooter to get around the floor. Before the convention, I follow the directions on the C2E2 website to get a medical badge for me plus one for a helper/companion.  The badges don’t give you first up, VIP type privileges, just small considerations that allow people with special needs to enjoy the convention.  We que up like everyone else, but in a different area, occasionally the area allows seating at times instead of standing or squatting on the floor; not everyone rents a scooter or is in a wheelchair.  We also are ushered to areas at panels that allow us to park next to our two footed cohorts.

The mindless people at the convention can be trying. I’ve found that at times I’m invisible unless I run into their heals or over their toes.   The populace of the con look at  me moving forward in my scooter as an invitation to step in front of me and stop. Yes, stop.  They stop right in front of a moving vehicle and expect me to be able to stop and not run into them.  If I was driving a car, they would never do that.  I once got cursed out by one guy who moved his toes under my scooter as I drove by.  The front tire had past but he put his toes under the scooter so the back tire ran him over.

Oh and I just love it when I move to look at something at a booth and jackasses quickly move between me and what I am visibly moving to look at. These people also stay there for an eternity as I wait to look, not buying or talking to the people at the booth, just standing.   And what am I looking at the whole time they are looking at the booth?  Their butts.  Yes, when you spend a day in a scooter or a wheel chair, you spend it looking at jackasses asses.

I did find the view of asses to my advantage in 2015. At C2E2, couple of weeks after the Jason Momoa as Aquaman first peek was leaked out to the public, I was in artist alley with my beau.  Who do I see?  Jason Momoa, bent over, thumbing through an artist’s portfolio.  Yes.  I was eye level with that delicious butt.  Thanks to urban dictionary I know that the word barracuda has a very different meaning these days, but when I was a kid and Heart sang Barracuda, in my neighborhood it meant to bite a person on the ass through their jeans or pants hard enough to leave a mark.  All I could think and laugh in my head was “I could have given Aquaman a barracuda!” as I rode past.

So to Reed Pop, good job at helping special needs guests but step you game back up this coming year please and give us fans information on guests and panels earlier. Other conventions, look to C2E2 to help learn how to treat special needs guests.  Conventioneers, if you don’t want your toes run over, don’t put them in my way.  Please bear in mind that if you are having a hard time getting around a convention, a handicap person is having a much harder time than you are. I know I’m so very lucky that I can get up out of my scooter if needed, but not everyone can.  They are not at the con to look at your ass, but they may just bite it.