I have wanted to get a few Copic Markers and try them out. I was so intimidated by them I kept on buying them and not trying them out.

I broke down one day while in a deep funk and tried to do a two tone free hand drawing of my cat while he slept.

This was done on Marker paper and Copic sketch markers.

I was introduced to them while visiting artist alley at C2E2 in 2014. I have been in love with them ever since.

Several professional comic artist swear by them and every year I go to C2E2 I see them scattered all across so many art boards and tables.


They are so coveted by artists the Copic Booth is picked apart within the first few hours of C2E2 opening leaving few pieces left for the common citizens that come to the convention.

I hope to be able to sit down and whip out an illustration as easily as my father did some day.

Ill start doing more soon. Mostly in Pencil and Ink. Would anyone like to see some fantasy work? Let me know.