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By Wilson

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away, there was a lie told. Not a white lie. Or a small lie. It was a big lie. A very big lie. It was an easy lie to foster. It was made from need, want, and a misguided train of thought. The lie based in biology but is a non-scientific in its conclusion. In embracing the lie, we have to give up, give away, and transfer the wishes of our hearts to false notations that are deemed to be expected. To grow up, you have to give up. Things, dreams, and ideas are throw out the window so you can become a grown up. It is a lie that kills part of our souls and has us following Martha Stewart for decorating tips. I have seen a change over the years. People are fighting back. This has helped to make major changes in society that allows us to still grown up while letting your geek flag fly.
You see it in department stores of all kinds. Adult games, clothes, and toys (not to be confused with sex games, clothes, and toys) are being sold in retailers all over the world. Blind box toys and other adult themed swag are abundant. Adult men can still get Superman underwear, but now not just in briefs, but in boxers and boxer briefs. I cannot forget to mention the one piece pajamas that are warm, fussy for adult men and must be selling well given the fact the stores keep bringing in more. It is one way to fly your geek flag.

I personally want most of these things in this Buzzfeed list: Buzzfeed

People are fighting against the lie that to be a successful adult, you have to choose between the things that first touched your heart and that desired success of an adult.
Jerry Seinfeld is known to have a Pez collection. Vin Diesel plays D and D. “Leonardo DiCaprio geeks out over action figures.” (Pettit)

As I grew up, I was lucky to have one of the greatest people of all time as an aunt. She had a great love of life and adventure. Her room was lined in toy banks, but what really influenced me in my thoughts about growing up was her Mickey Mouse watch. She could have chosen any watch design, but Mickey was her favorite and so what if anybody thought she was too old to wear it. I asked her about it one day, and she said it make her happy so why shouldn’t she wear it. She was 110% right.

I’m not saying you should sell your house to buy back your matchbox car collection You are an adult after all, but if a pair of Batman socks with a cape would make you happy and confident in your daily travels in Gotham , go for it. At this point in time there are so many ways to fly you geek flag that you can fly it without most people even noticing. It you can’t find what will give you a smile at department stores or other outlets, try

Circuit board cufflinks: 

kraken/ octopus cufflinks:

Millennium Falcon cuff links:

are few of the things a geek dreams are made of there.

Women can get Tardis skirts:

Wonder woman rings:

and snitches
already caught.

One of my favorite geek pieces is a Fibonacci golden spiral pendent
I get complements all the time on it, but only a few artist and math geeks recognize the symbol and the meaning behind its’ elegant design. When I carry my storm trooper backpack from Target, I get people of all ages stopping me to comment on how much they love it.

It all comes down to a simple truth, what makes you happy, makes you happy. Why deny it. Just because you’re grown up doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. (Tartakovsky) If you have the money for and you want a happy meal toy, get the toy. As I drive to my adult job, I love to look in my rearview mirror. A vinyl Muppet’s Animal sticker smiles back at me from the rear window. I find my happy there.


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