It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Sorry, but my life got complicated, but you’re empathic, you know what that is like.
I’ve got a lot of topics that I can write about;

The 2017 C2E2 in Chicago (great but the celebrities needed to be upped…think more movie stars and signed up before the last minute, shuttle to all hotels or make it very known ((as soon as the hotels are available to book)) which hotels have a shuttle because any walk can be hard for a handicapped asthmatic, and when did Penguin Books go?)
The injustice of how female super heroes are portrayed in movies and how they are projected an opening of 105 for wonder woman and they projected 145 for guardians. Why the difference?
Why is Marvel not doing a Black Widow movie but they are doing a Captain Marvel movie?
The fact that many Republicans are still having trouble admitting they screwed up electing a man without morals to be President.

I’ve decided to write about Empathy. Why? It is the thing I see that is lacking in modern children. I’m not saying that all kids lack empathy, but many do. It is just not as in grounded in the moral set of this decade of children as it should.
If you watch and talk to young ones of this age, you will see that they have empathy for their family and friends, but if you are not in that group of people is where it is missing. Basically, if they don’t know you it is ok to hurt you. As adults, it is up to us to teach empathy to them, hopefully before they become adults. Adults without empathy are the people that cross societal and morals lines, ending up in jail or abusing the power they have over others (see 2 paragraphs above).

Empathy is a quality that is one of the most important parts of a person moral compress. Defined “it is the ability to identify with and understand somebody else’s feelings or difficulties.”(Encarta) It allows a person that to weigh how another person would feel or be impacted by you or what life deals them. Empathy guides you through your life to help you make choices that are positive for all instead of just what will make you happy or your life easier. I’ve seen bored kids push bricks off of a neighbors’ wall because they were bored. Another friend told me how she looked out her window to see kids jumping on and off her car and ran off when she opened her front door to stop them. Another friend reported to me how a student erased the name on a piece of homework, wrote their name on it. When she talked the student about, it the student got mad when she wouldn’t except the work for the student for a grade and said it wasn’t her fault that the other student lost their homework.

All of the negative actions showed the opposite of empathy: entitlement. Entitlement is defined, as to give somebody the right to have or to do something. (Encarta) In lacking empathy, children feel entitled to do vandalize, break, or steal because it doesn’t directly affect them.

Lack of empathy is becoming a national problem. It is something children should be taught at home, with their families, or in their churches. It has become a big enough problem that schools have started teaching empathy with special programs designed by experts which takes up time that could be used to teach the 3 R’s. Why? The students lacking the empathy disturb lessons to much time away from learning.
This is a national concern. Schools should not have to teach morals, only reinforce then. It is not possible to point at any one thing and say that this is why kids don’t know empathy but there a way to change the sense of entitlement into empathy. As adults, we have to show children empathy, being an example as we teach it.

Encarta Dictionary, https://www.britannica.com/topic/empathy