By Wilson

Traditions are part of culture for the variety of people around the world. At this time of year, it is when Christian religions go nuts (some with nuts) in traditions and vomit lights over their houses. If is an important time because traditions are the anchor of our families, but traditions also needs to transforms as families change and grow.
One of my family traditions is to go to Marshall Fields (give it up Macy’s, it is Marshall Fields and always will be) when my sons were young to see the windows, Santa, and the tree in the Walnut room from the upper observation deck. We would eat in the food court in the basement. Each boy would get to pick one perfect piece of fancy candy from the hundreds of wonderful tasty treats locked behind lit glass cases. Things changed one year when I decided I would pay the extra cost to eat in the Walnut room and found out it cost the same as eating in the food court with 10 times better food under the lights of the giant beautiful tree.

Families change, soon I was going with only one son, the older too busy to come. Then I didn’t go at all because the younger son was now busy too with his eventual wife’s family and their traditions. Another change happened and I started to go again, with my boyfriend who had never done anything like it. It was wonderful to see him enjoy the trip to Fields with the awe of a young child for the first time. When the Christkindlmarket started and we added that to our tradition, feast twice in one day.
This year our tradition changed again. We went to the Joffrey Ballet of the Nutcracker, and like my family traditions changed, they changed the Nutcracker, bringing it to America at the time of the Columbia Exposition in Chicago making a new tradition of its’ own. It is a beautiful tradition. Instead of a party of rich English aristocrats, the party and story shows a group of poor immigrants with their traditions blending under the building of the White City and in Maria’s (new name for Clara’s role) dreams. The show is danced and orchestrated so exquisitely that you can feel Tchaikovsky smile down on the Ballet company. Your need to remember that the Joffrey Ballet took a huge chance in the changes they made in the story. The Nutcracker having become a Christmas tradition worldwide, it helps ballet troupes finance other shows for the company. A poor customer turn out to the Nutcracker would cut funding for other production.
We may go to the Nutcracker in future years, but the new tradition is to see a special Christmas show.
In a few days, my boyfriend and I will take part in one of his traditions. We will go see the newest Star Wars film, “The Last Jedi.” I can’t say I’m happy about the date; it is the same day as my work’s Christmas party, how inconsiderate of Disney. But it is his tradition and true geek girlfriend style; I will go and enjoy it with him. I will have to go see it for a second time, because have of the time I won’t be watching the movie, I’ll be watching his face as he is shocked, amazed, laughs and jumps into the show which is my tradition.
Please remember, traditions are not limited. They are to be shared, changed when needed and honored no matter your faith (Jedi), creed (Wookie), or culture (Princess). Traditions bring people together. Enjoy your traditions and find more to add to your awesome geek life.