electrocardiogram-2858693_640By Wilson

As I fussed with an uncomfortable medical device that I am forced to wear at this time, I thought “This is unadulterated torture.” Damn.

That started a thought circle. What is unadulterated torture?  And if there is unadulterated torture is there adulterated torture? Can there be unadulterated without torture connected to it or torture without unadulterating?   Where did that phase come from and what does it mean?  Was I using it right even though it had been only in my head; not heard by anybody else.  If I was going to use a phase I wanted to use it right.
I grew up in a very literate house.  Not only did my siblings and I have a book within inches of our bodies at any time, we were known among our peers for having a large and unusual vocabulary. My older brother also had the slang and colorful vocabulary of our neighborhood gang.  My friends and I even had a couple of words that were normal words to everyone else but we had given different meanings to so we could openly curse at people without them having a clue what we were saying.
Yes, I was in a gang, but it was not the type of gangs we fear now.  It was more like Spanky and Alfalfa “Our Gang” gang.  We hung together, got into a little trouble, but mainly we watched each other’s backs. I digress…
My brother and I could have conversations together with each other in front of our friends without them having an idea of what we talked about. Yes, we with the gang’s geek’s. I bring this up because I wondered if this is where the phase unadulterated torture had come into my vocabulary.  My brother and I may have bantered the word unadulterated to tease our friends with the thought we were using a sexual word.
Unfortunately for me, I was the one in the family that developed holes in my memory. I guessed I used unadulterated torture in the right but I wasn’t sure. I would have known for sure before the holes, but now I didn’t hence the thought circle that started. Idea’s go around in my head until I can get the answer. If I’m lucky, then is someone around that can stop the circle quickly, if not I hit the computer.  Given also my poor spelling and grammar, it can be difficult at times to ensure correct answers. Thanks to the internet I found out I had been right, and while it could be possible to have adulterated torture, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense. I am including the definitions so you can see for yourself.
Circle stopped.  We are lucky to live in a time that by pushing a couple of keys, we have an enormous world of words at our finger tips. I encourage you to start your own thought circles and solve them on the internet daily, or at least play a brain game.  It is the best way to fill the holes and to keep from digging more holes.

un·a·dul·ter·at·ed ˌənəˈdəltəˌrādəd/ adjective:

unadulterated1. not mixed or diluted with any different or extra elements; complete and absolute.2. “pure, unadulterated jealousy”synonyms: pure, unalloyed, unsullied, untainted, virgin, untouched; More (of food or drink) having no inferior added substances; pure.”unadulterated whole-milk yogurt”(04/01/2018)
tor·tureˈtôrCHər / noun:

torture 1. 1.2. the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.synonyms: infliction of pain, abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, persecution; sadism”acts of torture”o great physical or mental suffering or anxiety.”the torture I’ve gone through because of loving you so”synonyms: torment, agony, suffering, pain, anguish, misery, distress, heartbreak, affliction, scourge, trauma, wretchedness; More a cause of suffering or anxiety.plural noun: tortures”dances were absolute torture because I was so small”

verb: torture;

3rd person present: tortures; past tense: tortured; past participle: tortured; gerund or present participle: torturing 1. 1.2. inflict severe pain on.3. “most of the victims had been brutally tortured”synonyms: inflict pain on, ill-treat, abuse, mistreat, maltreat, persecute”they have tortured suspects in order to extract confessions”o cause great mental suffering or anxiety to.”he was tortured by grief”synonyms: torment, rack, afflict, harrow, plague, agonize, scourge, crucify”he was tortured by grief”

a·dul·ter·ateəˈdəltəˌrāt/ verb past tense:

adulterated; past participle: adulterated 1. render (something) poorer in quality by adding another substance, typically an inferior one.2. “the meat was ground fine and adulterated with potato flour”synonyms: make impure, degrade, debase, spoil, taint, contaminate; More antonyms: purify Origin
early 16th century (as an adjective meaning ‘spurious’): from Latin adulterat- ‘corrupted,’ from the verb adulterare .(04/01/2018)

unadulterated definition torture definition adulterated definition