By Wilson:

Elon Musk and his team of scientists, engineers and dreamers last week did something amazing.  On February 6th, he launched a rocket that engines returned to earth and landed in the spot they were planned to.  Because no one wanted to chance a satellite for a payload on the rocket, even though it was free, they sent up Musk’s Tesla.  (Mosher)

An uproar rose because of the cost of the launch.  Some people voiced outrage.  How dare Musk spend his company’s money to send a car into space when that money could have fed starving people?  The fact that the project gave people jobs they didn’t take in account, or the fact that the exploration of space may hold the only answer for the damage humans have done to this planet.  Just like the rain forest holds plants and animal species that give us foods and medicines, space may be our only salvation. The government isn’t sending money to N.A.S.A. in Florida.  They are sending money to Mar-a-lago in Florida.     

I had an amusing thought at this achievement.  In doing this, Musk make geek’s of all kinds love him.  It made me wonder how many geeks would want to have his baby, and I don’t mean just the woman geeks.  The men too.   No, not that strange male pregnancy, but getting some of his baby batter to use instead of their own juice to get their significant other knocked up with.  I can hear a proud geek dad bragging, “No, I didn’t get her pregnant.  I got a Elon Musk baby,” Like cultivating an Alienware 17 laptop with QHD,  GeForce GTX 1070 and 8gb GDDR5 overclocked, geeks love their tech. With this launch tech becomes poetry, becomes more.

What I don’t think people realize is that Elon Musk put the first art installation into space.  We have sent a lot of junk up there that is space garage, but nothing that would count as art.  Doing all the little things they did to the Tesla, putting Starman in the driver’s seat,  Don’t Panic sign, the mini Tessa and Starman on the dash, changed the car from another piece of junk into a piece of art reminiscent of the “Heavy Metal” movie .

Yes, the Mars Exploration Rover accidentally drew a penis on the planet, but that doesn’t count. One, it was an accident.  Two, it’s on a planet, not in space.  

Art is defined as  “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power” (Google)

Starman falls under that definition.  The Mars penis, at best is long distance graffiti.

Ok Musk.  What is your next art piece going to be sent into orbit?  


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