How to shop for a geek.

By Wilson

It is fairly easy to shop for a geek if you pay attention to their interests.  I’m not talking tinder swiping to the left for a geek to date, I talking buying gifts and such for the geek that caught you.  There are rules to remember when shopping:

  1. If you don’t want to see it on them, don’t buy it even as a joke or a show of solidarity or love of you geek.   That hideous shirt will become their favorite to wear when with you. You have given them permission to let their geek flag fly parading around town shrouded in their geekiness obsidian, next to you literally.   If you can’t look at what you are buying them without the cringing DON’T BUY IT.   This is not only a warning for your sanity, but for the sake of the geek you love.  They with assume they are being fashionable wearing the item for the next ten to twenty years as they wear it, clueless to the people giggling in their vain little heads that your geek is actually wearing that.
  2. Check wish lists.  Amazon, Thinkgeek, and other online stores have wish lists making it easy to shop without putting on clothes and heading to the nearest dying mall.  How much easier can it get to have you geek shop for themselves?  Granted you still have to weed though their wish list for what  you can stomach, but  still falls into the geeks precise standards.  They know and notice continuity mistakes or have specific needs that the items on the wish list will address for you.  I mean, if your geek wants a 4 terabyte hard drive, buying them 2 2 terabyte hard drives don’t cut it.  Save yourself the headache, use their wish lists and full their desires.
  3. Remember it is a gift for them, not you.  Yes this is the chance to update them and their wardrobe; they need to feel loved for who they are.  Keep in mind rule one when following this rule at all times.   This is a time to dig deep and be honest with yourself and figure out what you can stand and what they like.  A geek enjoys a stylish sweater that looks nice over their Dungeons and Dragons  t-shirts.  Remember that fashion minded people are just really geeks too.  They get geeked about the newest, best and most innovative fashions, and we have all seen them make more than one fashion mistake.
  4. Listen to them.  They will tell you what they want or need. They really are very good at this.  They enjoy talking about what turned them into a geek in the first place.  Take note of what they are geeking about.  Remember brands if given and other specifics when given, but if not ask another geek for help and do the best with your budget.  The chances are they will love it. If not, that is what gift receipts are for.
  5. Always get a gift receipt.   This is just good sense when shopping for others.

If you follow these rules, and you will be successful in pleasing you geek when it is time to get them a gift.  You will keep your sanity while making the geek in your life happy.  Gift giving is about caring enough to want your geek to geek out about your gift and what is one more Star Wars t-shirt or Funko Pop.