By Wilson

When I went to get some very important papers, I searched where I thought they were.  You guessed it, they weren’t there. I checked in all the wrong places, until I checked out my computer.  Thank the binary god, they were there.

Now you would think that was the end of that, but sorry things can’t be that easy.  I don’t print out that much, so I print online to FedEx. Either the printer ink would dry up, or the computer wouldn’t connect right and I would spend a lot of time getting the computer and the printer to talk to each other. It’s just easier and cheaper for me, plus I can print my art out and get a review from the friendly manager who knows me by name.  Just like the show Cheers but instead of “Norm” they call out “Wilson” and pull out a brown paper bag for me. They even call me when I change things from my normal order, worried I pushed the wrong icon.

The only hard part is my computer is a little old.  Downright ancient in computer years, about 7 years old.  I’m not every good at keeping my files organized. As I told you in the first paragraph, I couldn’t find my very important paper, why would I be better with my computer files?  I’ve even been to training for computer organization, and can tell you how to keep your files in order, but that doesn’t mean I follow my advice. It took me a long time to find the files I needed to print to up load.

This took longer thanks to a jumping mouse.   The touch pad mouse that has always worked for me but no one else thanks to its age the mouse doesn’t work correctly.  It jumps and hits buttons that the cursor (good name, I’ve been cursing a lot) picks randomly. I’m thinking of taking it to Los Vegas as a new betting game.  I can see a roulette table type lay out. The odds of the mouse staying on target had higher odds than were available at any felt table in Vegas.

The worst part about all this is I got myself a new computer tablet 2 years ago I almost never use.   I got it for cleaning up scanned art and as a replacement for my laptop that I thought as on its last leg.  I continued to use my old computer so it would get the wear and tear instead of the tablet. I found I used the tablet less and less even though the touch pad got worse.  Why? I didn’t like the keyboard of the tablet. I haven’t used it in a year now.

I know.  Why own it?  I’m waiting for the day this old mouse dies and I am forced to download my files, and put them in a folder marked old files on the tablet.

Heaven help me if I actually delete and organize them.  They’re just old files.