By Wilson

It’s the night before C2E2 and my tickets aren’t here; also for others who ordered ahead. Time to get ready in with visions of swag running in my head.

Ok.  Time to get real.

It’s good to have a game plan for C2E2 and any other convention.  Know ahead of time the places you’ll go in the con. You don’t want to have to pull out a map and spend time reading it to figure out in what directions to go or what to do.  What to do is something that should be flexible because you never know what may happen or change at the con. At the same time know what you really want to do and when it happens so you won’t miss it.  

Packing can make the difference between a good time and wasting time at the con. If you are a cosplayer, you know what you need to bring, but don’t forget duct tape, safety pins, needle, and thread.  You never know when you may have a costume malfunction. At C2E2 they have a cosplay repair room, but it’s best to have what you may need handy.

Charged batteries and power banks along with power cords.  Snacks, water, sharpies, and pain revilers and tissues are needed.  Someone is going to have a headache or pain of some kind. You are going to be walking a lot with herds of people.

Cash.  Some people don’t take credit or debits card. Even if you don’t plan to spend much at the con, money is a must. You are going to find something to need to have, crush for an autograph, or crave a beer. They do have ATM’s but they are over-priced.

Anything you are going to have signed in some time of container that will keep it safe. Bags and extra bags that are strong to gather swag. Some vendors have bags others won’t, but they make not be strong enough to handle your stuff for the day.

Wear your best walking shoes or if you are a cosplayer, bring a pair to change into if you need to.  Non-cosplayers, dress for comfort. Leave your coat in the car, or coat checks it if you can. Don’t carry it. You will leave it somewhere or it will get in the way. You want your arms free.

No matter what, bring a good frame of mind and enjoy the convention.  You are there to see things and make memories. Pictures are golden. Your cell phone or camera is going to get a workout.  Be polite and pleasant even when others aren’t with you. It will help you leave with wonderful memories.

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