By Wilson
Well, it’s going to be here soon. I don’t think the U.S. was this excited about the Last presidential election. The commercials are running almost non-stop beating the bushes to get more people to spend their hard-earned cash and 2½ hours. If you haven’t guessed I’m talking about Avengers Infinity Wars.
As I’m writing this I’m getting a headache as they are viewing the purple carpet over Facebook interviewing anybody that ever thought about being in a Marvel movie. Purple carpet for Thanos of course. As I’m watching they are advertising all their Marvel T.V. shows to boot. As the stars finish the purple mile they are getting to make up for all the calories they cut to suit into their costumes munching on forbidden treats as a reward for all the micro interviews they just did.
I think this movie may start a new genre in motion pictures, the Mega Movie. They have been making blockbusters in Hollywood for years, but not this amount of star power behind them. D.C.’s Batman VS Superman touched on this idea, but nothing on this scale. At this point in time, I don’t see the movie doing anything in the middle. The movie will be a success or a bomb. There will be no in between for it. If it doesn’t live up to the hype, I don’t know if the fan base will forgive the Marvel Movie Universe or the Russo brothers. While watching the second thing I’ve seen with the Russo’s being interviewed, I got scared for the first time that the movie may suck. Hopefully, the Russo’s can direct with more expertise and personality than they have in the interviews. They may have been in the Marvelverse before but that doesn’t mean they can’t screw things up. They didn’t even know the rules for Family Feud as they led their Infinity War stars through a game of it. Also, I’m surprised after seeing the fake game show they, themselves haven’t leaked a bunch of spoilers. If they screw this movie up, their names will be mud in the movie business. At the same time, if they get it right, they can write their own ticket from now on.
I am rooting for their success. I want to love all movies that I decide to go to, but this movie is more of a gamble than most. It isn’t the type of movie that gets nominated for Oscars, but most popular movies aren’t. Yes, it has star power, but it can’t slide just on star power. One too many stars may burn the soup. If the movie doesn’t tell the story in a way that the fans can connect with, the harm to this movie genre will be great.
Soon we will find out, and pass the aspirin, please.