By Wilson
It’s that time of year. Everything is fresh, new and exciting. The retailers are out in force. It’s almost time for the start of the new school year. Even as an adult, I love to hunt through the new supplies that come out as well as the new designs of all the different chain merchandise that attracts geeks. Backpacks, lunch boxes, pens, pencils and other things that designers think of that they hope the kids won’t be able to do without. I’ve found that childless adults comb through the aisles of new stuff to see what is new. One of my adult sons gets happy when he sees the ads come out for back to school.
The artist side of loves the new pens and pencils seeing them as new art supplies. As it is, my favorite drawing pencil is a mechanical pencil that isn’t sold in art stores. Trying out the new pens and their nibs, how the ink sets, and the comfort in my hand is something I look forward to. I’m set for backpacks right now with one Storm Troopers that is admired when I’m in geek crowds and Star Wars fans plus one sugar skull pack that is bright and popular with the Goth set. I always thought backpacks a necessity for everybody to have at least one. The most awesome prints are out now. At one time I had a backpack that was printed with little clouds that I could stopped regularly with people telling me they liked my pack. I used it until the zipper broke and I had worn a hole in it.
Lunch boxes are handy for more than lunch. They are a good size to hold a lot of things in style. I have a Curious George box of years in my work desk that holds all the possible emergency things I may need at work, such as deodorant, band aides, and granola bar but what to keep private. If I need it, I know where it is. I keep my meds in a soft sided cooler lunch box that keeps them all together if I go somewhere overnight, stores them in a dry dark place, and keeps me from losing them. I have another isolated one that I use to carry soda when I’m out for the day. Other lunch boxes hold organize my art supplies. Sharpies in the skull box, small brushes in a blue box, and of course pencils in another one.
Add in pencil bags and cases…ya. Besides pencils the can act as a makeup bag better than most bags made for that reason. I have one with three zippered sections that I store the different size nib pens in. I want a 08 nib, they are in the bottom compartment. I use them to hold jewelry sets that go together. They are great at holding anything you want to keep together like screwdrivers with different heads or other stuff with small parts that are easily lost that the manufacture doesn’t include storage for. Yes, you can use zip lock bags for many of these things, but they tear and don’t last.
Enjoy this time of year. Get out there and find your geeky treasure before the kids get it all.