Friday morning the world got something they have begged and begged for months. The Avengers: End Game trailer. Ethan, Larry, and Patrick had a podcast to talk about the seismic thunder that hit the internet.

As of the recording of the podcast on Marvel’s Youtube channel the views had already hit 28 million in less that 8 hours. This trailer was well on it’s way of becoming the most viewed trailer ever.


Avengers: EndGame trailer  has the most views within 24 hours. Check it out here



We talk about the trailer, what each saw, Patrick stands by his theory presented in an earlier podcast and they announced the count down to April 26th the release date of Avengers: EndGame

We will  be doing a special podcast every week reviewing each of the 20 movies plus Captain Marvel leading up to the release of Avengers: EndGame.

So join us starting next Saturday as we go on the greatest adventure in movie history starting with Iron Man #1

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