By Wilson

It’s past the Christmas holiday and the end of season sales are on.  This is a time to pick up things you always need and may not think of stocking up on.  Extension cords, indoors and outdoors along with timers are at half price at many stores.  I don’t know anyone that couldn’t use an extra one or two of these. I got several nice ones, with usb ports, one to store in my laptop bag.

Tasty food stuffs are another thing on sale, just control yourself with these.  If there is no way to use these treats before the use by date, cut back at the amount you are getting.  If it can freeze, go for it but remember you can even sick of an oversize peanut butter cup (YUCK). If you bake, the amount of expensive gourmet chocolate at 50 to 70% off is in almost every store. Be sure to keep an eye on the amount of product; sometimes it can be less than it looks.

Personal grooming sets are available too at deep discounts.  If it’s a product you use, stock up. I bought several Burt Bees products at a 1/3 of the normal price.   Keep an eye on the grooming product size too. They can be sample or smaller sized than normal sale product container. Also, a good time to try a new product if it’s on sale.

Of course, the best sale is on Christmas decorations, cards and wrap. I like to pick up non-Christmas gift wrap.   Plain wraps can work for birthday and other times you need to wrap something. Plain bags are harder to find. Store new things in a box with a list on the outside and even a photo to help you remember in a year what you picked up. Cards are at a great price and you can even address the cards you know you will be sending and store until next year; one less thing to do before the holiday.

Things that the store brings in for the season are on sale, but winter things are not on sale yet.  Mittens and other winter necessaries won’t go on sale until it gets warm. What with be on sale is school supply restock, exercise items and “White Sale” (house linens and such) will be starting with the 1st. So take your gift cards and start the new year right.

Oh, and buy local.