Okay first off yes I messed the video up. Yes I know you are supposed to have your phone horizontal, yes I didn’t do that.

I have only one thing to say. After a 10 hour work day, recording 2 podcasts and this going into hour 15 straight and anything else I can use as an excuse for this misstep.

Anyway Larry and Patrick exchange gifts while Ethan is running around during the Holidays with his family. Family I say.

Anyway. Hope your holidays went as well as ours did. We here at GeekCultureOnline hope you can be with someone special this time of year and look toward 2019 as much as we are.

We have so much planned this up coming year. Just to name a few things…

  • GeekCultureOnline YouTube channel
  • Patreon subscription page
  • Cosplay at C2E2
  • Artfest
  • Live Shows
  • Video Blogs
  • More articles
  • Contests
  • Merch

Yes we will have Merch. Art provided by Wilson and other. Watch for it here and everywhere you listen to us.

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Until next time