By Wilson

Winter in Chicago is a strange time of year.  There is almost more to do around the city than during the summer.  Business, museums and they villages have things going on, not to miss. Right now, we are in the middle of a snow and chill weather blow worse than we’ve had in years.  With climate change over the years, schools have stopped having built in snow days, choosing to chance a later end of school date at the beginning of summer. People have been freaking out, running to the store, while they still can, and getting basic supplies.  What’s funny to me, in the past, we wouldn’t have worried about it. Snow? Sub zero weather? Why would that stop you from going to the store? Other than remembering to gas up your car and putting salt, kitty litter or sand in your trunk and your good for until the weather goes back to normal.  

I’ve had relations in areas of the country that has warm weather year around and I laughed every time we would go to visit during the winter, we would be warned to bring a coat because it was cold at night.   I’m sorry, but 72 degrees is not cold.

With many schools and even businesses are closing for the duration, it’s how the time for geeks to work on couple of things.  That is to rewatch Game Of Thrones or watch all the Marvel films before The Avengers, Endgame. Pat, Larry and Ethan are watching the Marvels and blogging on them.  I’m not sure what to do. I’m a GOT fan and Marvel, but I’m serious that I don’t watch TV. I go out to films and will watch the last of GOT, but I really don’t watch anything at this time other than a little Youtube.  I have listened to most of the Outlander books and have had people suggest I watch the show online, and part of me wants to. Another part watches the clips on Facebook and grimacing at the changes that are made by the show writers, like Clare and Breanna talking about things they miss from their own time as they fold laundry. The scene is logical, but it wasn’t in the book.  I know they may have to skip things in books when making a show, but that scene is like nails on the chalkboard to me.

So here I’m.   Listening to a book and typing a blog article for you to read wishing I could marathon watch GOT, Outlander and the Marvel movie in my sleep to enjoy them while not missing out on the other things I want to do.  I enjoy my books and the things I do like write, draw, paint, shop and dine out at the same time. I would love for Total Recall to become true and be cheap enough for me to do all the things I want at the same time.  Add in a package to my Recall experience that would make me smarter and enjoy exercise. Of course, I wouldn’t have blown out my leg and before the exercise package was downloaded. Rock climbing and hiking sound good to me and I could still listen to my books.

So, stay warm.  Remember your cold weather warnings like don’t use your oven to heat the house.  Nylons are great first layer to your clothes, thin, stretching keeping your warm.  Little cheap stretch gloves under your thick ones so you won’t freeze your fingers when you text and must take the thick ones off. Act like the Starks and put fake fur blankets on you bed and ride out the cold doing what you like.

Tomorrow, the Iceman cometh. Johnny Storm that is.