Hello All and thanks for waiting.

We are having a contest open to all and all you have to do is watch our video from our youtube channel and answer questions about our youtube channel set.

Youtube video


The questions:

  1. Name a movie that premiered in 1977
  2. Name a movie that premiered in 1910.
  3. Name a movie that premiered in 1953.
  4. Walt Kelly was famous for what?
  5. Name an Action figure based on Jim Lee artwork.
  6. Brian Azzarello co-wrote what?
  7. Which Famous Silent Comedian is shown here?
  8. Which famous Graphic Novel is about Mice?
  9. Which 1980s film is shown here?
  10. How many different Androids / Robots are shown, name them all.

Contest is open from June 10 – 20. Time stamp on Emails will determine who is eligible to enter. You can only enter once. Any duplicate emails disqualify you. All correct entries will be used to draw from. Answers must be done in a list and numbered.  Winner will be contacted by email provided. International shipping will be advised. No cash value or substitution is available. Contest can be canceled at anytime and awards can be declined. One prize is available. If prize is lost in mail it will not be replaced. No overnight shipping is available. 

send your answers to:  Patrick@geekculture.online subject line : Youtube set contest