By Wilson

It’s rare that I go see a movie twice in the theater, not because I don’t want to go but pure lack of time. If I had more time I would go back twice much more often. With Avengers: Infinity Wars going on $2 Billion, I don’t think I’m the only one to go back for a second showing.

I knew the plotline, but I kept hearing about all the Easter Eggs in the movie that I had no memory of. Still, don’t. I spent more time looking for Tobias Funke, in the Collector’s collection than watching the scene of Thanos reality on Knowhere and I still didn’t see him. I’m convinced there are people that have been watching the movie nonstop since it came out to have found all the Easter Eggs they claim are there. I also can’t help but wonder how many are really Easter Eggs and how many are just “Happy Accidents” people want to read more into.

BTW Am I the only person that was had “Country Roads” by John Denver going non stop through their head since seeing Dan Cheadle on screen?

“We have a Hulk” maybe one of my favorite lines but I don’t really feel it was a true Easter Egg. It was too loud and proud to ever be hidden, and I predict that line will be used again. Hulk falling into Dr. Strange’s house and saying “Thano’s is coming” is an Easter Eggs with Bruce Banner pitch hitting Silver Surfer’s line.

New earworm, Damn it, Janet. Thano’s Claus is coming to town.

It was easier to keep track of who died and who lived the second time. Teen Groot dusting as witnessed by Rocket has a heartbreaker. I did note that if the death was random as planned by Thanos’, he must have decided to hit the people fighting him harder than the rest of life in the universe. Instead of a 1 dead to 1 alive ratio, it was more 5 dead to 1 alive on screen. Yes 5:1 is scarier to watch than 1:1 but not what the purple nut case ordered.

He’s a one- gloved, two-eyed, flying purple people slayer.

I noted the Vin Diesel did manage to give a different feeling to teen Groot with a simple change of line. Instead of saying I’m Groot he said I am Groot like a moody teenager may say. I can’t believe there is a debate about Groot. There are some people that say this is a totally different Groot even though he is a sapling of Groot.

Teen Grooty, can you hear me?

I predict that Avengers 4 will make more than 3 because of the cliffhanger ending. Dr. Strange is playing the long game and everyone, including the people that don’t go out to movies, will be paying to see the ending of this story.