By Wilson

Most likely inspired by the Avengers, when Audible had an Editors Sale, one editor picked Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.  If you’ve read past writings of mine, you already know I’m an audio-book addict, so I naturally I bought it.  It is very appropriate while sketching a picture of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. This is not the first Neil Gaiman book I’ve listened to. I haven’t read all of them, but will slowly work on it.  His books are very entertaining and his reading of them is great but it may take a while since I have a bunch of books to listen to and re-listen to.

Let me explain.

Growing up I read fairy tales, science fiction, science fantasy, biographies, classics such as Dickens, drawing, how to, historical, humor books and things that my teacher made me.  As I hit teens, comic books got added. When I hit adulthood I read cookbooks, DYI, travel, women’s’ magazines, mysteries and raising kids books. The one type of book I avoided besides physics was romance.  Somehow, some way, I felt romance wasn’t worth my time to read. I don’t know if it was because of what I saw the people around me read, having an older brother to borrow books from, trying to please my father with my choice of books, or a prejudice given to me from the ridiculous covers of the cheap books in the supermarket. I read classics that now I know are considered romance but to me, they were just classic books.

I went for many years not reading a romance book, even when they were given to me. I wasn’t going to waste my time when I had other books to read. Then I had a friend that kept bugging me to read the book whose title will not be named, but I will give you a clue; the movie versions were bad.  Every time we saw the book, the friend asked me if I was going to get it to read. Everyone the person knew that read the book loved it. It was talked about in magazines, radio, and talk shows, and the internet loved the book according to my friend. After being nagged so much about it, I gave in if only to make my friend happy by reading it.  I even went as far as to get a book cover for the book so no one would know what I was reading. If asked, since I was in some college courses at the time, I would say it was a textbook which no sane person would what to look at.

I got hooked.

I was impatience for the second book in the series to come out and started reading other romances on my tablet; no covers to hide.  I found romance books ran the gambit of book genre; mystery, historical, science fantasy, science fiction, commentary and more as I waited for the second novel. Then I discovered books on DVD.  I could listen in my car and as I walked after work. My next discovery was the book program on the tablet would read the book to me. By the time the third book in the series came out, Audible was in full force and I could listen while doing other things.  Not only could I do more than one time at a time, the voices of the narrators help to color the picture of the author’s words. Some more than others. One doesn’t allow pictures of him, Sebastian York, which helps you to picture the male leads like the author written them.  Smart of him, or he’s really doesn’t match his voice and his career could be hurt.

I have listened to young adult books such as Harry Potter and other books besides romance when one catches my eye or someone I trust recommends it.  That is where Neil Gaiman fits in. Another author I’ve enjoyed is Christopher Moore and his ironic sense of humor. Oh, and Cassandra Clare, Joe Hill, and damn it, now I’m waiting for George Martin’s last book in Games of Thrones but their books could be classified in romance.

What I would love to see happen is to have Neil Gaiman and Christopher Moore write a romance book.  With Gaiman description and Moore ’s humor, I think it would be interesting and enjoyable. Gaiman would tell you the color of the lead woman’ ringlets of hair cascading down her back.   Moore’s couple wouldn’t be looking where they were going when they would run into each other and somehow they would end up catching their zippers together ripping their clothes off and the man would find his favorite part accidentally inside of the woman somehow.  The funny part would be Moores’ explanation for the accident would make sense. I am very curious to read what they would write. How wonderful would that be?

This is my question to you; what author genre mash-up would you like to read?  Be inventive and comment with your mash-up and why you would like to read the piece from the author.  

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