By Wilson

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Sorry but between my old computer dying and having a lot of time sensitive projects in the works and patients I haven’t had time.  My tablet still doesn’t feel right to use, and the cursor disappears. The projects will hopefully calm down enough soon that I can go back to writing you weekly.

Ok.  I couldn’t resist Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in the Star Is Born.  It was every good, but I couldn’t help but find problems with it but I’m laughing at all the people that didn’t think Lady Gaga could pull off the role.  She was a born for the role. People forget that she was been acting since she first came on the music scene. She showed us herself when she was dating Taylor Kinney and Chicagoans fell in love with her doing the polar splash.

First problem came when the snake music exec met her after she had been on stage a few times with Jackson.  Ally would have been bent over to be branded by Jackson’s label half way through the first time she was on stage with Jackson in front of the audience not several appearances later.

Two.  When Jackson was upset with the ass song.  The two were actively writing together at the time.  He would have helped write it or at least preview it.  Plus, she would have been singing about his ass. What man wouldn’t have been proud and telling the world that Ally was singing about his ass.  He would have had a t-shirt with message pointing down to his ass to wear daily. Oh, plus we were treated with quick full frontal of Lady Gaga, but not Cooper.   Yes, in that scene he was clothed, but she didn’t have to stand up in the bathtub and later, we saw Cooper, who had to stand in the shower, showing only to down to his waist.  Sexism.

F**k. We have a man becoming a Supreme Court Justice that sexually assaulted his date in High School.  While I wasn’t there to see anything as prove I really don’t doubt he did it. Girls are so often assaulted from childhood to adulthood that he probably doesn’t see anything wrong with his childhood antics.  I don’t know what happened to the first guy to sexually assault me in the sixth grade. Maybe he’s lined up as the next justice.

Three.  Jackson would have had a sober companion with him at first when alone at home after such a long rehab.  His label would have insisted on it. The slime music exec would not have been allowed around Jackson because the exec could be a trigger as well as not from the same label who hired the sober companion.  

Four.  Jackson should have realized that killing himself could and would hurt her because she loved him more than everything else he could do. He didn’t think that their relationship would be more important than her career.  She or they could bounce back from his Grammy embarrassment? He had no faith in her. Yes, he was fresh out of rehab, but still he would have actively being treated for his depression though medication and theory. His thoughts would have been clearer that they were in years.

Fifth. It needs a new rating standard for the movie business to add to it. S for sad.  Having only seen the 1976 Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson version, I didn’t remember that Kristofferson had died, but I also don’t think I made the connection to the stars as much as I did to Cooper/Gaga.  The characters in the new version is more relatable set of stars, though I feel they needed to show a little more time growing as a couple. I felt Ally’s pain at the end when Jackson killed himself and crying.  While some people need a good cry sometimes, I don’t. I would have preferred a happier ending even it isn’t in the Star Is Born story line. Kristofferson being killed in a car wreck is much more compassionate ending for Streisand to face than Gaga finding Copper hanging in the garage.  Even if Ally’s realized that Jackson was mentally ill, she would always wonder why her love wasn’t enough, she wasn’t enough and why did she even leave him alone that night. Not just sad, extremely sad.

So, I’m a little disappointed with Cooper for writing in the sexism into the script even if it wasn’t a lot when compared to the past and Gaga not getting her Little Monsters to catch the sexism and altering it before it happened.  

I’m outright p**ed at the people that let Kavanaugh slide.